• Wednesday , 22 October 2014




Business Competence focuses attention on listening to the customer and to his needs in order to convert them into concrete and sustainable projects. Listening is the correct and necessary assumption to achieve well and seriously.


Business Competence was created to bring life to a competent structure, able to ensure the solidity of its services and to combine it with the support to companies innovation. The primary energy to create, invent and create. More experience, more expertise for best and certain results.


Business Competence is itself an innovation: it combines and improves technological, design and management expertise. The BC’s professionals work on ideas taking concrete actions to achieve them.


Business Competence adopts the international best practices, methodologies and design standards in order to give a concrete fulfillment in accordance with professionalism, economy and time. BC is certified ISO 27001, international methodologies and design standards.


Business Competence undertakes extreme commitment to ensure the full satisfaction of its customers, according to the set targets within certain time and costs. Here’s how BC states its reliability.


Business Competence is a company that is able to integrate its own work and skills with other professionals, with the aim to deliver projects and services according to the needs of the customer.