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  • Dogalize launches the initiative ” Donate a Meal with a click” in favor of dogs without a master
  • 17 Nov

    Dogalize launches the initiative ” Donate a Meal with a click” in favor of dogs without a master

    The Social Networking pet-friendly, thanks to the click of its members , will provide concrete support to the animalshosted kennels


    Dogalize, the social network of dog lovers , continues his mission of solidarity with the non-profit organization and the shelters using the tools that represents excellence : social networks . And so it was born the operation ” Donate a meal with a click “.

    Dogalize , always very attentive to our four-legged friends less fortunate , this initiative aims to donate one meal a day , for a year , to a dog in need and awaiting adoption . The dog , a refuge guest participating in the initiative , will be well fed with a simple click , and users will have the visibility it deserves , to help him find a family .

    The entire community Dogalize ( over 250,000 users just in Italy ) thanks to its click has already adopted several remote poor pooches guests of the kennels Italians who have joined the initiative ( ENPA , the National League of the Dog section Segrate , Gaia Animals and Environment , and many others).


    Dogs forgotten by most, BUT NOT forgotten by many volunteers , associations , and especially by users of Dogalize : these 4-legged friends now have meals guaranteed for one year , and a lot more visibility with a realistic hope to find a family that will adopt them for the rest of their lives.

    Given the success , Dogalize does not stop , indeed , increasing the project : the initiative will now be launched < u > two < / u > times a month . The duration is 24 hours from the publication of the application < / em > Dogalize and Facebook page Dogalize , as well as on social channels of the kennel / reference association .


    Sara Colnago, Co – Founder of Dogalize proudly states , ” Our goal is to be able to adopt 12 poor dogs in need by the end of December and we are planning to bring to 4 times a month our initiative . I am sure of this result because we are not alone , the community Dogalize is with us and we all have one passion : to love and help our 4-legged friends ”


    Ma “Donate a meal with a click It will also give visibility to the non-profit organization that also adhere describing not only their daily work , but telling the stories of the many 4-legged guests looking for a family to love , including the friends present .

    This slogn the initiative: ” Make the heart speak with one finger : trained to solidarity , clicking to give a meal a day for a year to an abandoned dog ! ”

    Here are the stories of some of the dogs that we have adopted :Jimmy; Charlieto, Jerry ,Tom e Pluto .


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